Q5.2. Help

For this patient safety incident involving a medicine, please select the appropriate description:


Please select the category that best describes what happened.


Category Description
Adverse drug reaction (when used as intended) The patient reacted adversely to the medication, but this reaction could not have been predicted
Contra-indication to the use of the medicine in relation to drugs or conditions The patient has a diagnosis or clinical condition that makes the use of a specific medicine or group of medicines unsafe
Mismatching between patient and medicine A medicine is prescribed, prepared or administered to someone other than the intended patient
Omitted medicine / ingredient When a constituent part of a medicine is omitted during its preparation.


When a medicine is not supplied to the patient, either when supplying the prescription medicine from the pharmacy or when administering a dose to the patient
Patient allergic to treatment The patient has a documented allergy to a specific medicine or group of medicines that makes the use of that medicine or group of medicines unsafe, e.g., penicillin sensitivity
Wrong / omitted / passed expiry date An expired medicine (or a medicine with an unknown expiry date) is supplied or administered to the patient. This includes medications that must be discarded within a certain period once opened, e.g. eye drops
Wrong / omitted patient information leaflet The wrong manufacturer's patient information leaflet (PIL) is provided to the patient, or the patient is not provided with any written information about the medication supplied to them.
Wrong / omitted verbal patient directions The information given verbally with the medicine is unclear, incorrect, or omitted
Wrong / transposed / omitted medicine label Two or more medicines are being prepared or supplied, and the label from one is attached to the container of another
Wrong / unclear dose or strength The patient is prescribed, supplied or administered the wrong dose of medicine
Wrong drug or medicine The patient is prescribed, supplied or administered a medicine other than the one intended for them
Wrong formulation The patient receives the correct medication but in the wrong formulation, e.g. morphine sulphate tablets rather than morphine sulphate solution
Wrong frequency The patient receives the correct medication but at the wrong frequency, e.g., methotrexate tablets daily rather than weekly
Wrong method of preparation / supply The medicine is not prepared, supplied or administered by the required method in the correct environment
Wrong quantity An incorrect quantity or volume of medicine is supplied against a prescription
Wrong route The medicine is administered via the wrong route
Wrong storage The medicine is not stored under the correct conditions, e.g. the correct temperature