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Please select the category that describes the route by which the medicine involved was prescribed.

Inhalation: Drug given as a gas which is absorbed by the lungs.

Intramuscular: Drug given into a muscle, usually the leg muscle or buttocks.

Intravenous: Drug given into a vein.

Intravesicular: Drug given into the bladder.

Nasal: Drug given up the nose.

Optical: Drug given into the eye.

Oral: Drugs taken by mouth and swallowed. Also covers drugs given via a PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) or naso-gastric tube. For drugs placed on the tongue see Sublingual, below.

Per ear: Or, per aural.

Per vagina: Drugs placed in the vagina.

Rectal: Drugs placed in the rectum.

Subcutaneous: Drugs given under the skin.

Sublingual: Drugs placed under the tongue.

Topical: Drugs applied to the skin.



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