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Welcome to NRLS Reporting Support

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for local NRLS reporting managers and registered users

Before entering the help pages, please view the NRLS Reporting News Headlines on the home page for real time, urgent or important information about the NRLS.

Below you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about NRLS Reporting.

Forgotten password?

When a user has forgotten a password, click on ‘Forgotten your password?’ on the Login screen.

Enter your email (this is the email used for logging onto the system), select your security question from the dropdown, enter your security answer and click on the send button. An email with a new single use password will be sent to the email address if you are a registered and approved user. If the details you enter are incorrect, such as your security answer, you will receive an error message to this effect.

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Forgotten security answer?

Check you have selected the correct security question. If you cannot remember your security answer please complete the Help Desk contact form in NRLS Reporting. A member of the team will contact you by phone with the answer. Security answers are case sensitive.

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Locked out?

This generally happens because there are 7 failed attempts at logging on to NRLS Reporting. A local user should contact their local NRLS Reporting manager who will be able to unlock them by changing the user’s status from locked to unlocked (within Administration). The local user can then get a new password by clicking on ‘Forgotten your password?’

If you are the local NRLS Reporting manager complete the Help Desk contact form in NRLS Reporting. A member of the team will unlock your account.

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Password not received?

If you have newly registered to use NRLS Reporting or have clicked on ‘Forgotten your password?’ but not yet received a password please follow these steps

1. Check with your local NRLS Reporting manager that they have approved your registration request. You will only receive a password when they have set your status to ‘approved’ and pressed save.

2. If you did not enter the correct email address when registering you will not receive a password. Your local NRLS Reporting manager can check this. If that is the case you will need to re-register.

3. Check your ‘junk email’ folder.

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The complete FAQ section is available only to registered users. To access the complete FAQ section, please login to the application.

If your query is unanswered by the information, please complete the Contact form.